Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tourism in Dracula's Kingdom

This is my offering for a magazine's inaugural issue. Am still researching for the rest of the article. But I think it starts pretty well and so I decided to share it with you all :)

Innocent women run for their lives as a shadowy vampire snarls in pursuit, baring oh-so-white fangs in his bloodthirsty desperation. Blood-curdling shrieks, strings of garlic, and a suspiciously pale, tall, menacing figure form the popular imagination of that place called Transylvania.

But the reality belies the myths and legends surrounding the region.

Verdant mountainsides undulate into the distance, and occasional tall spires poke into the skyline, the unusual green of their old copper reminding us how ancient this land really is.

Immortalized as the home of the sun-hating and haemoglobin-guzzling Count Dracula (ordinarily, but no less creepily, called Vlad the Impaler), Transylvania lies in the western part of modern-day Romania. In reality the Carpathian landscapes of the region are pleasing to the eye and hold no terrors, neither in the bright hours of sunshine nor after dark. Don’t forget your camera.


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Mystic Margarita said...

Very nice intro! Am sure the rest will just fall into place. Good luck.

eve's lungs said...

great - oh ! Make sure you post the rest of it so's AG can be suitably entertained .But of course you'll do a great job - you write so well:)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear dear || This creepy man's still here || A sneak preview || For us privileged few || Attagirl, now get into high gear!

Love and hugs:-) Aunty G.

sbora said...

this sounds post the entire article!

Thinking Cramps said...

Hey everyone thanks for the praise,
But right now am in a bit of a haze,
Trying to juggle the mag,
With deadlines where I lag,
Has taken up most of my days :)

OrangeJammies said...

Do we get a free trip as proof that he doesn't exist??? Huh, huh???

Anonymous said...

Knock-knock! Love and hugs:-) Aunty G.

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