Saturday, June 07, 2008


Tagged by Eve's Lungs and A Muser. Gosh, this is too much me. Will try not to be flippant. It helped that I recognised so much of myself in what I read on their posts.

I am: hot-tempered
I think: I should sleep less
I know: how lucky I am
I want: to learn another language
I have: poor time-management skills
I wish: globe-trotting wasn't so expensive
I hate: hypocrites
I miss: Dida
I fear: that I will lose my memory with age
I feel: the texture of book pages when I buy/read them
I hear: someone from my family calling me when I miss them - it's just my imagination!
I smell: what I'm cooking to figure if it will taste good
I crave: not much nowadays, but brownies are always welcome
I search: for too many things that I myself misplace at home
I wonder: How others feel about all sorts of things - I keep trying to put myself in their shoes
I regret: Nothing yet. Would like to keep it that way (touchwood!)
I love: intensely
I ache: when I see old people fending for themselves, trying to timidly cross a busy road, queueing at banks or post offices
I care: about what people think. I tell myself I shouldn't, but I do
I am not: a gossip
I believe: not in God, but in the goodwill of those who love me
I dance: when I iron (to Punjabi pop...Kendi PUMP up the JAM)
I sing: whenever I know the lyrics of the song playing
I cry: when I am angry and frustrated at being helpless. And oh, when I am sad. And when I miss someone a lot. Oh, I cry a lot.
I don’t always : get my way in life
I fight: with Anando
I write: My to-do list for the day, this blog, my journal. I write myself in all that I write.
I win: people's confidence
I lose: patience easily
I never: judge people at the drop of a hat
I always: try to see two points of view
I confuse: others by talking too fast
I listen: with varying levels of attention because I am always dying to start talking
I can usually be found: at the computer/reading a book/making goo-goo eyes at brownies in shop windows
I am scared: of being alone when I die
I need: to have regular contact with family
I am happy about: the way my life is playing out

I tag: Anyone who wants to do this :) And to the entire list, I will add one more: "I imagine:___". Let me know if any of you take this up!

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Took Bag (or the "Book Tag")

Pardon the spoonerism! I couldn't resist.

Okay, so Eve's Lungs has tagged me to do this. And it's a remarkable coincidence that a book we both have in common is what I am re-reading (for the nth time) right now.

The rules are:
  1. Pick up the nearest book.
  2. Open to page 123.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the next three sentences.
  5. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you .

And I have, from The Chestry Oak by Kate Seredy (I'd so much rather be blogging my favorite bit instead of random lines from page 123):

"Take each piece of happening that, by itself, was just a meaningless hurt and
find its place in the big picture. Do it over and over, because that way one
came to understand things, and they hurt less. He had, since his seventh
birthday, come to understand a lot and the knowledge he now held within himself
was not made of sharp, separate hurts."

Wow. Would you look at that. "Random lines", I said, and yet they hold . They cope with pain. And make you stronger as you relive your own pain. This is why - though the book is prescribed reading for 9-12 year olds - I still love it, and it moves me every time.

I tag Sbora, Aunty G, Diligent Candy, A Muser and Dipali. Please tell me when you've done the tag!

Thanks Eve's Lungs :)