Monday, July 14, 2008

That Blood-sucker

Vladdy hell, we're talking about Count Dracula (also known as Vlad the Impaler). My pet project at work right now: projecting Transylvania as not just where Dracula came from. It's involved bumping into fascinating Eastern European words like Szekelys, and realising that Transylvania basically means simply 'beyond the forest' (all it needed was a sandhi-vicched).

So while some windows on my screen focus on the serene and sylvan settings of Dracula land, the others are personal blogs with images dripping blood, lots of garlic ringing the screen, and Flash-animated bats winging into the twilight as Dracula comes forth.

What do you guys know about Transylvania? Anyone ever been there? Would love to hear about it.


OrangeJammies said...

What job is this??? I want it!!! You wanna switch??

dipali said...

I plead total ignorance of the Vladdy man!

Thinking Cramps said...

OJ: With all those cute babies? Would love to :) But am sure you could handle mine far better than I ever could yours.

Dipali: Don't worry, I shall enlighten you soon :)

Anonymous said...

'The Sound of Music' is the closest I can get || Notwithstanding Dracula and all the blood he let || You'll probably tell us more || But please leave out the gore || And about their yummy confectionery, DO NOT FORGET! Love and hugs:-)
Aunty G.

eve's lungs said...

LOL Auntie G is just too much ! Doesnt the job entail a vist to Trans Sylvania ? The Vladdy man stuck his rivals' heads on stakes at the palace gates ,the Vladdy man spawned hundreds and thousands of winged creatures and pale ladies baring fangs in true Rottweiler style - oh the possibilities ..

Mystic Margarita said...

All I know about Transylvania is about the Count. But you prolly know all about him anyway! Sounds like a real cool project! :)

Anonymous said...

Eve's Lungs, thank you kind maiden || For the compliment you've laden || Alas! Inspite of me || Asking it to be blood-free || Even the next post has snarls & fangs unhidden!

Love and hugs:-)Aunty G.

Thinking Cramps said...

Sorry about the blood and gore,
But at least it is certain not to bore,
Else what are the odds
That your head gently nods,
And I start to hear virtual snores!