Friday, May 04, 2012

Chhoti si kahani se

Thu, 11.16 pm - watch pipe burst in bathroom.

11.17 pm scamper to gather buckets (2 nos.) to hold gushing water

11.18 pm - change and empty bucket

11.19 pm - change and empty bucket

11.20 pm - phone guard for help

(rinse, repeat till 11.30 pm, throw in SOS call to plumber-too-far-away-to-help, and decision to not call husband-too-far-away-to-help)

11.31 pm - get entire building's water source shut off

11.45 pm till Friday, 6.40 am - dream about water

6.40 to 6.45 am - whine all about it to suddenly wide-awake husband
6.45 am till 9.45 am (i) plead with plumbers (3 nos.) to come over asap

(ii) pray that neighbours don't break down my door and yell at me with morning breath

(iii) join work conference call and sound intelligent

(iv) pay plumber and resist urge to hug him

10 am - brush, shower, rush to work

3.34 pm - breathe, tell the world about it.