Friday, February 15, 2008

Not Caught on Camera

Picture this:

A 6-foot something Arab. Possibly weighs 120 kilos. White outfit. Red and white chequered headdress. Heavy stubble. Standing in a mall. Holding up to the light a baby's milk bottle to check the level of milk.



dipali said...

Lovely! Kya zamaana aa gaya hai:)

sbora said...

looks like you are having fun checking out the Arabs!! How is Dubai...good luck settling!

Anonymous said...

I guess we only created the stereotypes in the first place. It would have made an interesting picture. No camera at arm's length, or just scared by the 6 ft :D?

A Muser said...

The husband read this coz I was chuckling and said, "Poor guy! What's so funny?" Men. *Sigh

eve's lungs said...

Awww bet the baby fitted in one of his paws -

Anamika said...

Dipali: Yeah, the Milk-Sheikh!

Sbora: How is Dubai? Read the newer post.

Asuph: Sadly, the camera was there but I was walking past the man and I couldn't exactly go 'click' in his face.

A Muser: It's okay. Some jokes I guess they will not get. Chuckle with me. One, two, three, CHUCKLE!

Eve's Lungs: In all this, I forgot to look at the baby!

dipali said...

Anamika-that's smashing! Milk sheikh indeed:)