Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm Alive... case anyone was wondering. While waiting to board I noticed a man in the lounge who was exploring his nose like there was no tomorrow (and no audience). And I worried that I'd end up somewhere near him on the flight. Thankfully, he was meant for other places of the world than me.

Dubai is nuts at the moment with the shopping festival going on. There are HUGE queues everywhere and people wait patiently for cabs with trolley-fulls of stuff. It took us 45 minutes yesterday to exit the parking lot of a mall once we had finished shopping for our furniture there.

An empty house is full of possibilities. And imagination. And dust. I spent 15 minutes yesterday trying to figure out what sort of broom would be best given that our good old Indian jhaaroo was nowhere in sight. I swept the 'brooms aisle' with various varieties before finally settling on what I wanted. Now to use it.

An interesting discovery, apparently at night we can see from our balcony the lights of ships near the Iranian border. I think I'm going to buy binoculars to peer into the distance!!!

Ok, off to do some more work.


dipali said...

Glad to have you back!
Enjoy the new broom, and the furniture shopping, and do post pics.
(And enjoy the Iranian border lights:)

The Weekend Blogger said...

Are you on the Jumeriah side ? We were staying at Bur Dubai.
As for the taxi lines...getting a cab in Dubai is a real pain whatever the time of the year ( terrible in the summer) .
I hope that you are having a good time setting up home there...I did !

eve's lungs said...

Hola ! Good to see you have surfaced and are tap tapping away! Enjoy the broom and whatever else comes with it ......dust , maybe ?

Anamika said...

Dipali; I inaugurated the broom today. It works well. Made a clean sweep of it all :)

TWB: I lived in Bur Dubai last year for 3 months. It's a great place. But this time around, we are around Jumeirah. Yeah, getting a taxi is a pain, but the taxi drivers more than make up for it. Each one is a distinct individual!

Eve's Lungs: Thanks. Am back. And the broom is my friend now. I have learnt to manouevre it :)