Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Empty Nest

So the house"guests" have left. Barring a pair of trousers that were left in the cupboard because "Those are Anando's, but they look just like Baba's. Oh wait, they are Baba's trousers. Will they fit in the hand baggage now?" So anyway, I think all that they've left behind is lots of home-cooked food and blessings - after all, we need food for the body and the soul, right?

A crucial to-do on the agenda with my parents this time was a matter of tech-literacy. From gifting my parents a digital camera to teaching them how to use it to teaching Ma how to download pictures on to the computer to teaching her how to mail them to was an exercise which, fortunately, was successful. Appearing below is one of her best photos, taken when we went on the desert safari to the dunes of Lahbab outside Dubai.

The other big achievement: launching my father's blog. The man who motivated me to start writing, from whom I learnt how to compose letters to relatives, how to write to famous people seeking autographed pictures, who encouraged me to send my writings to newspapers, who promotes my writing as only a proud parent can do, who dreams that someday (soon) I will write a book, and who sent me a lovely ink pen when I declared that I wanted to write more and type less - he finally has a blog up. The intensely personal nature of the first post doesn't prevent me from telling the world about it. I don't think he will mind.

So now that the nest is empty and the fridge is full, I shall think of the next project at hand. Getting Ma to start a blog. Maybe a photo blog :) As you can see, I am always thinking of work for other people. Meanwhile, a deadline is perishing. Tata.


SBora said...

i read your father's is terrific, I mean his writing...and i left a comment too on his blog. i hope he doesnt mind.

happy new glad you enjoyed their stay.

Tagore Town said...

I was just waitng for this writeup of yours....had been checking ever since your house "guests" always very well written...a fitting tribute to Sandip for all his encouragements to you.

Thinking Cramps said...

Suku: Of course he won't mind. Thanks for taking the time to do that. Like all new bloggers, he'll need all the encouragement he can get!

Tagore Town: I would have posted yesterday - the post was written and waiting as a draft. But I waited to get an okay from Baba!

eve's lungs said...

Oh lovely - another blog on my list . And do get your Ma to start her photo blog . Meanwhile - happy new year :)

ps - you sound parentssick

D said...

That photo is incredible. And I think it would be so cool if you had an entire family of bloggers!

dipali said...

Loved your Dad's blog. And the photograph is awesome! Talented family:)

Thinking Cramps said...

Eve's Lungs: Happy new year to you too! Yes, been parentssick, but now recovering as real life swings back in!

D: Heh heh...yeah, that would be pretty cool. I'm working on it!

Dipali: Thanks, and I saw your comment there :) Will tell my mother you praised the photo!

Aunty G said...

Empty nest in the reverse order
Has put you into a bit of a pother
But, dear, take heart
Of a family you're always a part
And Cheers! to your father for crossing the blog border!

varunavi said...

Your the fortunate few who get to make there parents happy and enjoy there company after the marriage.And your kid/kids are also fortunate few who get to play with their grandparents.And happy to see the elders in the blog community

Pragyan said...

Hugs to you..I am familiar with the horrible terrible feeling when parents leave. Your dad's blog is very I know where you get your writing skills from :)

Thinking Cramps said...

Aunty G:
Thankee kindly for the thought |
It always means a lot ||
When you make the time |
To write a sweet rhyme ||
On my blog and on what my father did jot!

Varunavi: You are right. I am very fortunate :) Thanks for the comment.

Pragyan: Yeah, that is generally considered the source for my ability! ;) Thanks for the comment.

A Muser said...

Loved your dad's post, Ana! I guess now we know where you get your writing gene from.