Saturday, June 07, 2008


Tagged by Eve's Lungs and A Muser. Gosh, this is too much me. Will try not to be flippant. It helped that I recognised so much of myself in what I read on their posts.

I am: hot-tempered
I think: I should sleep less
I know: how lucky I am
I want: to learn another language
I have: poor time-management skills
I wish: globe-trotting wasn't so expensive
I hate: hypocrites
I miss: Dida
I fear: that I will lose my memory with age
I feel: the texture of book pages when I buy/read them
I hear: someone from my family calling me when I miss them - it's just my imagination!
I smell: what I'm cooking to figure if it will taste good
I crave: not much nowadays, but brownies are always welcome
I search: for too many things that I myself misplace at home
I wonder: How others feel about all sorts of things - I keep trying to put myself in their shoes
I regret: Nothing yet. Would like to keep it that way (touchwood!)
I love: intensely
I ache: when I see old people fending for themselves, trying to timidly cross a busy road, queueing at banks or post offices
I care: about what people think. I tell myself I shouldn't, but I do
I am not: a gossip
I believe: not in God, but in the goodwill of those who love me
I dance: when I iron (to Punjabi pop...Kendi PUMP up the JAM)
I sing: whenever I know the lyrics of the song playing
I cry: when I am angry and frustrated at being helpless. And oh, when I am sad. And when I miss someone a lot. Oh, I cry a lot.
I don’t always : get my way in life
I fight: with Anando
I write: My to-do list for the day, this blog, my journal. I write myself in all that I write.
I win: people's confidence
I lose: patience easily
I never: judge people at the drop of a hat
I always: try to see two points of view
I confuse: others by talking too fast
I listen: with varying levels of attention because I am always dying to start talking
I can usually be found: at the computer/reading a book/making goo-goo eyes at brownies in shop windows
I am scared: of being alone when I die
I need: to have regular contact with family
I am happy about: the way my life is playing out

I tag: Anyone who wants to do this :) And to the entire list, I will add one more: "I imagine:___". Let me know if any of you take this up!


threedrinksahead said...

Did the tag. :)

Diligent Candy said...

Did the tag too ...

sbora said...


A Muser said...

Good thunking, Anamika! Am with you in "I always" and "I wonder." I wonder if we tend to read blogs of people who think like us... hmmm.

Nits said...

hi - so nice to know a little (or a lot!) of you.

Sue said...

Do you have any idea how many ppl write about looking for thins at home in the "I search" bit?

I tell you, PIs could make a fortune out of finding things lost at home!

iz said...

I think I should sleep less too. But it's like giving up drugs.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my dear TC! || Hope you're well and happy || Am slowly coming back || So cut me some slack || Please pardon this poor old lady!....................

Love and hugs:-) Aunty G.

the mad momma said...

hey you -
i wonder: if you're going to post any time soon.

I believe: you will.

I cry: whenever i see word verification