Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blogger Bother

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Just a small note to all of you: For the past few days I've been having trouble getting on my blog. I can get to my dashboard (mostly), write new posts, but I cannot write my own comments in response to yours, or open my blog page at all. And no blogspot pages are loading on my computer, either at home or at work.

It reminds me of the time blogs were banned in India and we all went to pkblogs.com to access our pages. But even that isn't working this time. Is anyone else facing this probem, especially if you are (or if anyone you know is) blogging from Dubai? And if so, any solutions/suggestions?

Comment responses:

Sandeepa: Thanks. Will try doing that. And no, "view blog" isn't working either. It's most annoying.


Sandeepa said...

If it is not a Dubai issue write a mail to blogger support. can you see them ?

Also when you go to your dashboard and do a "View" can you see the blog ?

Anonymous said...

Id Mubarak, Happy Holi, Blessed Good Friday and Navroze Mubarak! Love and hugs:-)
aunty g