Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All in a Day's Work

The charming, spaced-out lady across the table explained conscientiously what she wanted. Her words were carefully enunciated, as English is not her first language and she has a somewhere-in-the-former-USSR accent.

"No bosoms. No bottttoms, No stuff below here," she stated, indicating her neck. And I made mental notes for this post.

If I can do interesting things like this at work, I occasionally have to take the dullest briefs possible, but its statements like these that lighten up the boredom. This lady's business is all about supplying mannequins for window displays (yawn). I was mentally dozing as she explained the different kinds of mannequins to us - "Zere aaar ze non-head mannequins, abstrrraaaact mannequins, forrrm mannequins and the nurrrmaaaal mannequins," she clarified, holding up pictures of each kind like flash cards. It felt like biology class. I've always found the headless mannequins really spooky - why would you want to buy something that's been displayed on a headless figure?

Anyway, so the brochure we make for her cannot display any naked mannequins. That's the UAE for you - it's as simple as that, and I guess it's understandable. So when we'd sent her a sample with nice photos of mannequins - naturally mostly naked ones - she got all panicky and called us to explain that this would not do. So now, all the naked pictures need to be photo-shopped and dressed up. No naked mannequins please, we're in the Middle East.


iz said...

lol. Well at least it makes for a good story...

eve's lungs said...

Wallah - How do they change the clothes on the mannequins ? Blindfold themselves ?

Anonymous said...

:-), and another :-) for eve's lungs' comment! Here's to your job!!!
Love and hugs:-) Aunty G.

Thinking Cramps said...

Iz: Yeah, I guess that is the silver lining!

Eve's Lungs: Maybe they put up a partition and then give the mannequin some privacy to change clothes by themslves!

Aunty G: Thanks!

sbora said...

Thats is somewhat of an oxymoron, isnt it?

I hope you are settling in well.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.

eve's lungs said...

@Aunty G that mysterious entity :)

Anonymous said...

>>Eve's Lungs: :-)Hey, am not all that mysterious, you know || If, to Y!360, you'll go || Find "Gulshan's Gleanings" || They're my meanings || And some trumpets for me to blow!

Aunty G.

Thinking Cramps said...

Sbora: Yup, quite settled in, thanks!

Aunty G and Eve's Lungs: No anonymity here. Check out the link to each other's pages on my blogroll :)

Anonymous said...

My, I'm honoured. Thanks, TC. God bless!
Well, Eve's Lungs, here I come!
Love and hugs:-)
Aunty G