Monday, October 01, 2007


I've been tagged. Okay, make that very, very past tense.

First, Choxbox tagged me to list 5 eccentric things about myself. Now, that's hard to do, because however weird I may be, I am of course completely normal in my own head. So let me just list things that people think are weird about me (oh, you judgemental people - you're all going to hell!):

  • I hate mixing up food on my plate. Everything is cooked separately, right? So it should be eaten separately too, right? Mixing it up (other than with rice) is disrespect to the cook, right? So my plate always has clearly demarcated areas and runny foods MUST go into a bowl. (It may now be superfluous to inform my readers that I have never lived in a hostel.) This means that if someone is serving me a helping of something , I point frantically to the unused spot of my plate where it should go. Which my loving mother ignores, always dumping, say, daal where sabzi used to be, or making my roti all soggy with a misplaced helping of gravy :(

  • I think I use up several people's quota of Dettol soap. I wash my hands before I brush my teeth, after using the broom, after touching (even with just two fingers) the kitchen-counter mop, after putting away newly-bought vegetables, after bringing out packets of frozen meat to thaw, so what if the block of icy meat cannot possibly ooze unmentionable stuff on me.

  • I CANNOT walk barefoot in the house, even my own. I carry slippers even if I go somewhere for a single night. There was once a fire scare in our next-door building and we had to evacuate the house at 4 am. I rushed to grab my slippers before heading out, even as smoke billowed out of the next building. I am a very unhappy person if I don't have my slippers on. Yet, if it is a guaranteed clean floor, or grass, I love the feeling of a fresh, cold surface under my feet.

  • I am afraid of ghosts. The moment I am alone in the house at night, every horror scene from any scary movie I have ever watched will float back into my mind and often cause me to stay up at insane hours of the night. As a child I used to sleep with my head covered even in the summer, thinking (ah, innocence) that a ghost couldn't get past the white sheet. Hah! Ghosts invented the white sheet!

Ok, I'm sorry Choxbox, but I'll stop here. I cannot think of any more eccentricities!

For this, I tag: Suki, Eve's Lungs, Orange Jammies, Sandeepa, Candy.


Now for Suki's tag. I'm being lazy and pasting the rules straight from her page.

Rule 1: Without changing the first word, after each letter of the alphabet, write a sentence that captures you/your essence.

Rule 2: Tag as many people as you want, but do tag at least one. This is an eye opening experience and can express to those who read it, things about you that they did not really understand before.

Rule 3: List who you are tagging.

*A* Accept blame for your mistakes and learn from them.

*B* Break stereotypes.

*C* Create happiness.

*D* Decide never to look back.

*E* Explore the reasons behind other people's actions, especially when they are too nice or too mean to you.

*F*Forgive only when you are certain you no longer hold a grudge against the person who wronged you.

G* Grow closer to your loved ones, not away.

*H* Hope that at the end of your life, you are surrounded by people who love you unconditionally.

*I* Ignore snobs and hypocrites.

*J* Journey into people's minds to see what they are like. And treat them accordingly.

*K* Know your priorities in life.

*L* Love unconditionally.

*M*Manage time. (Sorry Suki, ripped this one off!)

*N*Notice the small things people do for you. And reciprocate.

*O* Open yourself to suggestions.

*P* Play games that make you laugh and/or sweat.

*Q* Question assumptions.

*R* Relax with people who bring you peace.

*S* Share time.

*T* Try to avoid sarcasm.

U* Use all your muscles, but your heart and brain the most.

*V* Value the time you have with people you love.

W* Work to live, don't live to work.

X* X-ray your mind to analyse the real reasons behind your actions.

*Y *- Yield to wisdom, to love, to puppies, to hugs.

*Z* Zoom into the past and dig for happy memories whenever you are down in the dumps!

I tag... Choxbox, Mad Momma, Tharini,


choxbox said...

i am very finicky about the amount of dal that is served on my rice. i hate it if there is too much and make a right fuss - so much that everyone refuses to serve it to me and asks me to do it myself!

ghosts?! real people can be much much worse!

and now i will go and do the abc tag.

Squiggles Mom said...

Hey well done on Suki's tag.. that was a tough one.

And I totally understand about the handwashing. I'm equally obsessive about it.

Suki said...

Interesting responses, those. And yeah, I believe in respecting food too. Although mixing it up is all fine, depending on how the resulting mixture will taste!

BTW you have another tag waiting. The one on "5 weird things you saw on the street".

Will do your tag as soon as the posts bundled up over the past 2 days and more(you'll see why!) have been written. Which probably means the weekend.

Anamika said...

Chox: Coming over to check out your tag post!

Squiggle's Mom: Aha...a kindred spirit! Bring on the Dettol Liquid :)

Suki: Slave-driver!!

Diligent Candy said...

:) ghosts ...that's me ...I still am petrified...

Thanks for the tag! I must get TMM's "just-in" linking...just the day I skip clicking on each link...BAAAM! She has blogged...

Me missing you...

Anamika said...

Candy: Miss you too. I'm in Delhi and thinking of college and winters and life in general and you're part of those fond memories!

eve's lungs said...

Thanks for le tagge -Ana - will do it soon. What are you doing in Delhi ?

OrangeJammies said...

I've done this tag a million times already! May I please be excused? I could do another one in the future, perhaps? Hmmm?

Anamika said...

Eve's Lungs: Will wait! Am parked at my parents' place in Delhi. Will be here till I head to Kolkata for my first-ever Cal Durga Puja!

Anamika said...

OJ: No problemo! You can always switch to the other tag in this post, or I could make up a tag purely for you (hmmm..evil smirk!)

OrangeJammies said...

Anamika, you meanie! Tag karvake hi chhodegi?? Fine, go ahead...make one up for me! ;0)

Tharini said...

And you never even told me I was tagged! Hmpph!

The Weekend Blogger said...

You ARE normal because I share each and evry one of those 5 eccentricities that you have mentioned about yourself ....and surprisingly I spent 11 years in a hostel and still turned out this way.

Anamika said...

OJ: Brains still whirring. Thoughts still cramping. One tag coming up...just you wait.

Tharini: Sorry, been having too much trouble with comments on my parents' PC, and was hoping (sniff sniff) that you check my blog regularly enough to know it the instant I tag you. So what if you're a busy mommy. My blog comes first! Doesn't it? DOESN'T IT?

TWB: if only I could hold you up as an example to my mom, that there ARE others, when she looks at me and says 'tui ki re?'

the mad momma said...

oye. you did not tell me i was tagged! shall do one of these days