Saturday, September 29, 2007


While I talked and smiled, hugged and listened, slept and breathed...

Delhi decided she'd had enough of summer and slipped quietly into a fledgling winter.

The cold waits for me, around early-morning-hazy-foggy roads, in blurry monuments rising out of a suddenly-dark 6 a.m., in the bathroom under the shower, on the balconies late at night, outside the rolled-down car windows, in the slight sniffles from wearing sleeveless on a Novemberish September evening, on the blades of the fan that I rarely use now, in the welcome heat spiral over my cup of coffee.

Winter comes in. Cold and warm, chilly and friendly, distant and near, grey and bright, frosty and sunny.

I wait. And hope that spring is far behind.


Suki said...

Indian winters. Love them. So beautiful, so transient.

Diligent Candy said...

So poetic!

Suki said...

and you are tagged. :)

Mad said...

oh how lovely anna..

Sandeepa said...

or "not far behind " ?

And I use a fan even in the coldest winter, just cannot live without that friendly hum

eve's lungs said...

How I miss North Indian winter mornings.Fog,sun later, moongphali, gajjac and my woollen scarf

Anamika said...

Suki: I still haven't done the earlier tag...sorry sorry sorry! Will get to it asap!

Candy: Come to Delhi one winter and we will park ourselves on THE front lawn and play Consequences :)

MM: Join us, won't you!

Sandeepa: I meant f-a-a-a-r behind, because I love winters!!

Eve's Lungs: Ah...gajak. Had my first peyajkolir torkari this winter and it was divine!

Tharini said... can you make winter sound so delectable like that??? Just today morning, I was mourning the passage of yet another summer and warmth, and wondering in which cloud I would find the silver lining for the bitter chills that have followed. Herein, lies my answer.

I have missed reading you soo much. Catching up in little bits...and yes, I WILL write you an email back.

The Weekend Blogger said...

Give me winter anyday.Indian winters are so well-loved that we think that they pass way too fast !

Anamika said...

Tharini: Waiting for your email and for winter. That was such a compliment, to have answered your introspection is a real pat on the back for me.

TWB: (Shaking hands...) the same 5 kinks AND you love winters...a kindred spirit thou art.