Monday, August 27, 2007

The Return

I didn't know I had missed you. In the last few days, in the laziness of the weekend and the cheer of the sunshine, I forgot you were still supposed to be here. Oh, I know you looked in on us sometimes at night. I could always tell when I woke up next morning. You're not very good at covering your tracks you know!

But this morning, as I squinted to read the newspaper in the gathering gloom, and complained about the humidity, I began to anticipate your arrival. And then, there was thunder, lightning, and you came pouring down.

Welcome back, old friend.


A Muser said...

So well written! We woke up to thunderous rain here too. Our first summer storm. Really miss Bombay in the rains... no, Mumbai.

Anamika said...

BOMBAY BOMBAY BOMBAY. That's what I always called the city and what I continue to call it.

It's cleared up again now. But the park across the street is flooded. No cricket today.

Mystic Margarita said...

Wonderfully written - a small poem in prose. Thanks for visiting my site - I'll be back for more. :)