Friday, August 24, 2007

A Bit of Sky

From my window

the rhombus of coloured paper

Looks like a kite

But is it really?

It's come from the sky.

And now it hangs.

Between heaven and earth.

Between dreams and reality.

Between wings and roots.

From my window

I can't see what's holding it up.

Is it a wire?

Or did gravity fail?

Is some little boy coveting it

At just this moment?

Even as I wish it would break loose and fly away

Is he trying to find a way to bring it down to earth?

1 comment:

eve's lungs said...

Kites in the sky make me think of Durga Puja. In Cal right now the skies are a vivid clean blue with great lashings of fat white clouds and between the houses and the sky there are bright patches of flying colour. Lovely