Monday, August 08, 2011

Birthday girl

She's seven years old today. At first she kept to herself, shyly venturing a few words here and there. But slowly she found people listening to her. And liking her. So she spoke up more. She watched the world, recognising patterns, people, friends and enemies. And she said what she felt. She descirbed what she saw. She interpreted it.

Occasionally she'd lose a milk tooth and go quiet, too self-conscious to bare her thoughts in a gap-toothed smile. Friends would draw her out, encouraging her to talk more, asking why she was silent.

She knows she could have said a lot more. Should have said a lot more. She's a bit lazy that way. But she stores away thoughts and feelings, relating them to the world around her and using her words to force herself to articulate what she feels. And that won't change.

Happy birthday, Thinking Cramps :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

May you have a super duper day with lots of friends, fun and love!

And may you continue writing.

Cheers, Anjali

sukanya said...

Happy birthday writings make my day!

eve's lungs said...

How lovely . A leo child ? Are you a Leo child by any chance ?

Thinking Cramps said...

Thank you thank you. On behalf of my blog - it was actually 7 years since I began blogging. MY birthday's in November :) But yes, it was a lovely day, ending with an evening spent with a good friend!

Sue said...

Happy birthday, Thinking Cramps. :)

Bong Mom said...

Happy Birthday TC. Now I want to have my cake and eat it too.

dipali said...

Belated birthday wishes, TC- you know you are greatly loved, don't you?