Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Bad Example

She's my age. A distant cousin I met just once. Known to be a pretty and smart girl.

When I was in college, worrying over tutorials and classes, entirely focused on studies like the 'good girl' I was, we heard news that she'd run away from home with a boy. The horror of it all. My parents spoke of it disapprovingly, worrying for her parents. Apparently she got married, and then came home to ask for her parents' blessings. We just heard about it in whispers, because she was A Bad Example. To me it seemed she'd done something unthinkable - defied her parents.

I often wondered about her. How their life was. If she ever regretted her actions. If his family accepted her. If they were happy.

She seemed to be. I occasionally saw chirpy messages from her on a cousin's Facebook wall. I heard that her parents eventually came around to the marriage. Especially after she'd had a son.

Her son is 12 now. And this morning I heard she lost her husband to cerebral malaria.

I don't know how her life played out. Or what her future holds. Neither did they. But sitting so far away, I'm glad she went for what she loved. Made a life happen with a man she loved. I hope that she has no regrets.


sukanya said...

thats why they say, make the most of life, coz it is short and unpredictable!sorry to hear about your cousin...hope the journey ahead becomes easier with family love and support.

eve's lungs said...

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin . But she was brave , wasnt she ?

TWB said...

I cant find the appropriate word to express what I felt when I read this post of yours. I wish that the love that she stood up for would have been around longer. Life's cruel.

dipali said...

I'm so sorry to hear of her loss.
Life can be cruel indeed. May she be blessed with all the strength and support that she needs at this juncture.

the mad momma said...

God I hope not... May she find peace and strength

Girlonthebridge said...

Love your new space and please forgive my long silence. This post it so sad but your new blog made me so happy today.

Tharini said...

Aw. :(