Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Pouring rain is so much prettier
Than staring at a laptop screen,
It takes your mind to green places
That may be unvisited, unseen.

My mind's divided as I alternate
Between laptop and window in turn,
If I look out the window I’m rejuvenated;
If I look at the laptop I earn.


eve's lungs said...

Sheer distraction - the scene outside the window- clouds , rain,more clouds,crows,trees , breeze , a blue sky and cloud towers, sunset - more clouds now streaked with gold - how do I work ?

Suku said...

oh...we need the rain so bad! send some over....

dipali said...

Such fun! enjoy the rain:)

Spirited Seeker said...

Indeed the promise of unvisited, unseen places! How our mind travels even as our bodies cannot. And love the rhyme: turn and earn :) What an unresolvable conflict.

Thinking Cramps said...

Eve's Lungs: Exactly. Gorgeous description, by the way.

Suku: Wish I actually could.

Dipali: I am!

Seeker: It's quite a conflict. The window wins more often, though!

Vishakha said...

Loved this poem. Very apt!

shivani said...

well said

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Thinking Cramps said...

Thanks people :)

Anonymous - does that mean you want this URL? Sorry, but I'm sticking to it. Hope you understand.