Saturday, June 05, 2010

In Today's News

Two pieces in today's Business Standard. I have been trying to write as much as possible this year. The blog's getting neglected as a result - I have Suku's tag to do and Sunayana's Blogathon to write for. But both will happen.

Meanwhile, please read these. For both, there was a 500-word limit, but my thoughts run deeper (and longer) than that!

Watching Shakespeare's bloodiest play: After studying Macbeth in school and in college, I finally got to see it staged at The Globe. I was mouthing some of the dialogues along with the actors and it was a memorable experience.


Diligent Candy said...

tres nice.

Spirited Seeker said...

Hey Anamika,

Loved both pieces!! I wish the Macbeth piece was longer, but you recreated the stage scene very well, and minus the jargon that sometimes afflict writings on literary masterpieces. I particularly liked the bit when you say audiences start checking for their wallets and purses :), and the last line brings the play out of the vaults of literary critiques to lives lived by ordinary people!

I think I love your article on To Kill a Mocking Bird even more. This line is awesome: "In today’s complex world, where aggression is often mistaken for bravery, we need to be more courageous than ever." This is so right.

OrangeJammies said...

After much deliberation, chose Henry VIII instead. :0) Isn't the Globe delightful?

Sue said...

No hurry, the blogathon is on all month.

Off to read your articles now.

the mad momma said...

beautifully written. both. as usual. i should have sat next to you in class. or at least wormed my way into your tutorial group :p