Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reliving 20 months in 3 days

So I'm going back for a weekend. Will things look the same, I wonder?

So much has changed in Dubai. Someone else must be enjoying the view from our 31st-floor apartment. There must be new restaurants open on The JBR Walk, which we treated as our backyard. More routes will be operational on the Metro. The Burj Dubai we craned up at is now open, and called Burj Khalifa. The company I worked for has collapsed, gone the same way as many small companies in the recession-hit Emirate. The team has scattered.

Yet, some things will be the same. It will be soothing to rediscover that comfortable nook on Gauri's sofa, and to park ourselves on the carpet as we dig into tempting snacks placed on Aditi di's centre-table. Will Irish Village still have the smiling, plump waitress with the cute accent?Possibly the guy who weighed in my vegetables at Al Maya will still be there. Zarine, who blow-dried my hair on occasion and spent 2 years convincing me to cut my hair will still be there, saving up for her kids in Pakistan. Ita will still be working at Pelle Capelli, dreaming of her next trip home to Bali.

Strangely, while I am so sentimental about the past, it's mostly just a nostalgic sweetness rather than a yearning to go back. I am happy to keep it that way. So while Dubai was great, Bombay (part II) has been perfection too. And the last 6 months have flown. So much so that it feels too soon to revisit Dubai. But before my visa gets cancelled, I want to go, put my feet up with friends, laugh, stroll around familiar spaces, and maybe visit some new ones. More updates when I return.


dipali said...

Enjoy your nostalgia trip! Hope to see you soon after.

SBora said...

hey enjoy your visit...and I tagged you!

Spirited Seeker said...

I like the way you put it: "While I am so sentimental about the past, it's mostly just a nostalgic sweetness rather than a yearning to go back."

That is so often the case.

Anonymous said...

you never sat on the sofa...but it was fun nonetheless!

awesome mehboob post, and i get what you were saying about the editing now :-)


Thinking Cramps said...

Dipali: Yes, see you soon.

Sbora: Thanks! Just got back. The tag seems like fun. Will do it soon.

Seeker: Obviously you are a "kindred spirit" (have you read Anne of Green Gables?)

G: I know :( Blame my confused programs and your hermit state. And so you get my editing woes - sorry I ranted, glad it makes sense!

Spirited Seeker said...

Haven't read Anne of Green Gables so far. Do you recommend it?

Thinking Cramps said...

Seeker: Absolutely :) And then you'll know what I meant by "kindred spirit"!