Saturday, February 13, 2010

Real Life

A peaceful day. Tranquil, easygoing, slow, relaxed. Beautiful weather. Seaside at sunset. Brisk walking. Bumping into friends. Strolling home. Music of choice. A bright kitchen. A successful attempt at a made-up recipe. A good dinner.

And then to switch on the TV and hear about Pune. This is our life. Reminds me of the soap bubbles children were blowing by the sea this evening.


eve's lungs said...

Isnt it terrible ? I'm running out of adjectives but I'm frightened because an auto my niece was travelling in was about 10 metres away and she had a narrow shave

dipali said...

Peace seems so fragile and transient in today's world:(

Spirited Seeker said...

It makes one wonder who and where it is going to be next. What is so not right with life, that these people would want to snuff out other people's lives?

With such happenings, fear looms over relaxed days.