Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Goddess of Learning

A sincerely sung vandana rewarded with a motichoor laddoo at school. Yellow clothes. Wishful, wistful genda phool stolen from Saraswati's white feet and tucked into the Maths textbook. The advent of final exams and this big chance to seek divine intervention.

My textbooks today? My computer. The Chicago Manual of Style. The Illustrated Oxford Dictionary. The window near my desk. The rusting piece of lettuce in my fridge. E-mails from my parents. Marriage. And my reflection.

Here's a virtual genda phool for all of them. May reality always be as multi-layered and may it always look just this pretty. And may it be a capsule for memories when it dries up and grows old.


Spirited seeker said...

Beautiful post! And how true: wishful, wistful genda phool.

You are there in my post today.

dipali said...

What a lovely post. May Ma Saraswati's benediction be with you always.

Diligent Candy said...

Have you noticed how the base crumbles and how the seeds are actually like soft needles. My favorite bit was crushing the base to discover them and knowing wherever I dropped them a plant would grow. I was powerful.