Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Future?

"He's totally deaf, I tell you. It's impossible to talk to him. Now he's reached the restaurant early and is waiting for us and grumbling. What's the point of giving him a cellphone if he can't hear on it. And he thinks it's already 8.45. It's not!" So complained a dear aunt as Anando, she and I hurried towards the restaurant from the car park.

An hour earlier I had met the uncle being criticised so, and he'd complained non-stop, "Go for a walk," she tells me. "Arre, I don't want to go for a walk. All the nerves in her head are creating a short circuit and her brains are fried," diagnosed the old man.

Once inside he muttered that he'd refused a friend's invitation to join him for a drink because we were on our way, and he may as well have gone if he'd known we'd stand him up like this.

Conciliatory, at the dinner table we offered him the drinks menu. I asked the aunt, "What will you have?"

"Water," he replied on her behalf, even as she wrested his cane from his grip and leaned it against the sofa.

Anando and I exchanged smiles.

Forty years ago, they got married, after our aunt fought to convince her rich ghoti family because she had fallen in love with a bangal man.

Four minutes ago, our aunt said as an interlude to her grumbling, "When I see all these old men I still think your Pishe is much more handsome."

Exactly three years ago, Anando and I got married.

Forty years later, I wonder where we'll be!


rrishi said...

From careful sociological observation I have surmised that grumbling and sniping are two of the most reliable signs of a long and successful marriage. In 40 years, inshallah, you too will be grouchy and thriving. :^)

Anonymous said...

Dont think what will happen after 40 years! A bangal will remain a bangal!
Well, I enjoyed reading it. Did Bulbul read it?

Anonymous said...

Daroon likhecho. Raja key portey bolo.

A Muser said...

Happy anniversary! May you be similarly grumpy and grouchy 40 years later :))

Thinking Cramps said...

Rrishi: Oh, somedays we're already there!

Baba: Ha ha, thanks for commenting. "Raja" does not read my blog.

A Muser: Thanks! We're working on it. Now it's not bickering. It's an investment in our relationship!

ayush said...

Nicely written. Stumbled on your blog after a search on "Tumhari Amrita", that entry was a pleasure to read too.

Thinking Cramps said...

Ayush: Welcome to Thinking Cramps, and do come back. Thanks for your words.

SBora said...

nice... this post reminded me of my folks who celebrated their 47th year together early this year. 47!!!
i complete 10 years next year and wonder how many more years will we have of companionship and togetherness.

MRC said...

Very sweet and from seeing my parents as well as personal experience, I totally agree with the first comment on this post.

eve's lungs said...

Belated Happy Anniversary Ana and Anando . You'll be exactly where you are my dear :))) Things like this grow better with the years .