Wednesday, January 07, 2009


What is a woman?

At times a comfortable cliché. At times an unruly rebel.

Now a simple stereotype. Now a dynamic daredevil.

Shape-shifting like her life depends on it.

Over-achieving to break all barriers.

Yesterday a girl. Tomorrow a girl.

And today?

A heart. A passion. A dream. A hope. A bubble. A wall.

Love. Ambition. Forgiveness. Endurance. Patience.

Vanity. Envy. Anger. Rage. Hate.

A woman is all or nothing.

But when this happens, they reduce her to exactly one thing.



eve's lungs said...

Exactly . It is frightening to think that it could happen anywhere and reduce a woman to exactly nothing.

SBora said...

speechless...and enraged.
That was thought provoking Ana.

A Muser said...

I hope they castrate those b*&^%$#s!

Thinking Cramps said...

Eve's Lungs: And it IS happening just about anywhere.

Suku: That's the problem. I don't know what to say against this that will change anything.

A Muser: I know, that is the first, gut response. Interesting how our minds turn to violence, isn't it?

eve's lungs said...

I tagged you:P........again......

Tagore Town said...

We all have an 'animal' in come this animal is so often seen using "woman" as the punching bag....from Mahabharat chess board days to this day, this has been the story....well pointed out by makes us question what is more powerful--- grey matter or untamed animal instinct?

A Muser said...

Ana, it is a gut reaction. But thinking it over, it's hard to imagine that such people can be taught the error of their ways. Maybe if there was a law about rapists being castrated, they might think twice about how they choose to use their apparatus. If it stops even one rapist, it might be worth it.

dipali said...

So horrible. When and where does this end?

Diligent Candy said...

Oh the woman ...well, she is something.
What is nothing are the "village idiots" - it sends chills down your spine, something like this happened in India Gate in 1995 to one our family friends.
She went on to do really great things in her life. The idiots are still festering in prison. Well, one for justice...