Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Serious Business

He entered the meeting with a serious expression. His forehead was furrowed with years of work experience and business worries. His business suit was pin-striped, impeccable, and perfectly coordinated with his tie and cufflinks. His hair and hands were well-groomed. He sat down and seriously started explaining what he required in their new corporate brochure. He complained that the rough-cut we had shown him was not up to the mark. He contradicted what his marketing manager had told us. He contradicted what their mission statement said. He contradicted himself. He confused us.

But me. I just giggled inside. After all, how can you take someone seriously when they wear grey socks that have purple polka dots on them.


OrangeJammies said...

Remind me to go sockless when we meet. I love mine all patterned and colorful. Glad to see you back on the 'sphere! :0)

Aunty G said...

Now, now, who's naughty || Over socks which go spotty || Never mind the impeccable || His words were hole-peckable || Not only you, the whole office should've gone dotty!

Thinking Cramps said...

Darling Aunty G and OJ |
To both of you I must say ||
Even my socks are bright |
On them cartoons are a common sight ||
But his "office" socks took my breath away!

eve's lungs said...

Trust you to notice his socks .I bet his wife shops for him and doesn't take him very seriously .
@ Aunty G - ooh I love your limericks:)
BTW - your long absences are not going to be condoned any more .

Suku said...

I love wearing whimsical socks too but am very careful not to if I need to dress impeccably!

this was cute!

A Muser said...


dipali said...

Such fun! My dear, you are seriously