Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Making a Sale

You sweep everything off the dining table. Arrange the 4 chairs around it so that they are each positioned exactly in the middle of the side they belong to. You remove all things that could get in the frame of the picture. You switch on the lights so that the glass top sparkles. You angle your camera and click. Uh-oh, what's this? A greasy thumb impression? You're too lazy to wipe it. So you click from another angle (God bless digital cameras) and ensure the spot doesn't show this time. The table looks rather bare, you realise. You look around for inspiration. The flower vase with yellow chrysanthemums appeals. You place it in the centre of the table. Marvellous! Not only does it look good, it brings out the yellow in the checked pattern of the upholstered chairs. What a lovely touch, albeit unintentional!

You upload the picture on and Craigslist. You make the table sound absolutely irresistible. It looks so good that you hike the price by another 500 Rupees. Hell, you'd pay that much for it!

Now, the fridge.'s moving time again.


dipali said...

My sympathies. (As one who has shifted a several decades old household several times).
Hope you get a decent price for your stuff.
Where to this time?

eve's lungs said...

I hope you get a good price - Ana . Doesnt it make you sad to part with stuff ? It sort of breaks me up .

sbora said...

aww...moving can be stressful but good luck. where are you off to, if i may ask...are you leaving mumbai?

thank for your comment on my blog. as for your q, i was called sukhdev by some dear friends when was in india ( thanks to the short haircut i got - which apparently made me look quite unfeminine, at least to some folks).Hence the name. was not very thrilled about it initially but then it grew on me.

aunty g said...

Oh, you poor dear! || Packing/selling your gear || But it's fun || When you're young || The new will bring you cheer!

Preethi said...

First time here.. and I can so relate to this.. been there .. done that!!! good luck to you!!

Anamika said...

Dipali: You and my mother should compare notes. She's had to shift houses 19 times since she got married :) I really shouldn't be complaning at all! We're off to Dubai.

Eve's Lungs: Thanks for putting it that way. Yes, I get really attached to places and things too. I think I'll do a post about it, and turn it into a tag! And this house is very special, it was my first 'my house' because I moved here as a new bride!

Sbora: Thanks for the explanation! I was coming up with all sorts of theories and then finally decided to ask! Nicknames frm friends can be really embarrassing, can't they? :)

Aunty G: Yes, it's time to go | And move with the flow || But I'll never forget | That this was the outset || Wherever in the world I may go!

Preethi: Welcome, and thanks for the comment, and luck! I need it all!