Friday, November 02, 2007

A Knife for all Seasons

He sat there, showing off the Swiss army knife with little-boy charm and excitement as he lovingly felt the edges of the various blades. According to him, it was a very, very useful gadget in all kinds of emergencies.

'So, have you ever actually used any of the features?' I asked, wondering about the daredevil acts a mining engineer may have accomplished with a little help from this trusted Swiss buddy.

'Sure...' he replied. 'The toothpick.'


Vic said...

I only ever seem to use the scissors on mine.

I thought the toothpick was the thing that got lost first?

Anamika said...

Well, obviously he's going to guard the toothpick on his!

Thanks for leaving a comment.

Suki said...

Hee hee!
You, me gal, are priceless.

Sandeepa said...

ha ha...welcome back...waiting to hear your goppo

eve's lungs said...

Hee hee . My swiss knife is in cold storage -the edges are too sharp.Are we going to hear about your sojourn in Kolkata ?

Anamika said...

Suki: Thank ye Thank ye.

Sandeepa, Eve's Lungs: yes, will blog about Kolkata. Next week.

Aunty G said...

Looking forward to the above :-)

Oh! And about the post -- MEN, and their boys toys!!!!!

Anamika said...

Aunty G: Your wish is my command. Was writing the post on Kolkata when you left your comment!