Thursday, March 01, 2007

Coffee Kicks

I think the smell of coffee is one of the bestest things in the world! Give me coffee over tea any time. Primarily because just that smell starts to work its magic on you while the cup is still making its way towards your eagerly waiting mouth. If tea has such a powerful olfactory impact, I am not aware of it and I don't really care. Because the coffee scent just makes me go mmmmmmm! :)

A sudden sleep attack made me slump over the keyboard as I worked. Miraculously, a cup of steaming coffee swam into my blurry vision. Goodbye inertia! I was up in a jiffy, made myself that cup of coffee and as I swallowed the dregs with a mix of pleasure and regret, I realised I was wide awake again. (This does not work on me at night if I want to stay up for a deadline!)

I am not a coffee addict. In fact, I can go days without drinking coffee. It's usually a social pleasure to snuggle up on a Starbucks/Barista/CCD sofa with a cup of coffee. Or to down a cold cold cold coffee on a hot hot hot Delhi/Bombay day. But coffee can really make me happy! And it can wake me up.

So here's to coffee, and coffee shops, and friends to drink it with...


G said...

mmm... i just need my morning cup to help me start-up. the friends to drink it with really helps.. and don't go to starbucks, find some local chain i bet they will be better!

Diligent Candy said...

And friends to drink with ALWAYS .....Amen!
Now pass me my garam chai.
Non-stop rain day 4.

Who ees thees Anamika? said...

G: Starbucks was prmarily attractive coz they had these inviting "sink-into-me" purple sofas. But year, there's homemade, there's Second Cup, and there's this plae called the am not Starbucksized yet :)

Candy: You and your chai. Remember Putti shuffling in with it on cold winter mornings! Enjoy the rain. Are the crocuses all gone yet?

Diligent Candy said...

Highly recommended: Dome - Fettuchini carbonara.

No some of them are around. They say its been a mild winter and spring will be here soon.