Monday, February 26, 2007

What do I do?

Having lately acquired a husband and given up a job (in reverse order) I am often a bit taken aback when asked "and what do you do?"

Well, I was an editor, a good one I think, and I continue to be. Only now I do so from home, in my pajamas, with loud music keeping me company. And of course, TV, friends online, other blogs, interesting books, laziness, sleep and sunshine on the balcony do occasionally get in the way. But the question has now struck me, more than what I do, what is it that I can do?

I can write.

I keep losing sight of that fact while ploughing through other people's writings. My blog feels bad. So does everyone who has ever believed that I can write. The list of such people is small, but weighty. And so I am going to promise myself that I must, must, must write.

Which means, I am back........taran taraaaaaaaaa.......

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