Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kept in the Dark

The glow from the screen of this laptop is all the light in this room. Because i am staring at the screen, i can see nothing beyond when i raise my eyes to look further than's even darker, if that's possible.

my family, well actually my neighbourhood, is being treated to a candle-lit evening, courtesy the powers that be, which are powerless at present. so the sweaty kurta slowly turns into a vice-like clammy grip on my body, as i try hard not to let any one sweaty part of my body touch any other sweaty part of my body, or anyone else's for that matter. to be able to embrace a sweaty person is a sign of true love, for it can make enemies of the best of friends!

a very cute calvin strip i read showed him sitting wide awake in bed, afraid of monsters as usual, saying "i think nighttime is dark so you can imagine your fears with less distraction"! so the dark everything looks more ominous, more threatening. the sky looms closer, the furniture legs are out to get you by the toes, the mosquitoes bite like they were vampire bats, and entering the bathroom is like approaching the crypt with god knows what-all waiting for you inside!

but then, somebody out there said "let there be light" and there is. and i am squinting now as i adjust my dilated pupils to the newly lit-up house. every nook and cranny looks familiar now and i am the lord (lady?) of all i survey!! off i go to that tame bathroom to wash off the grime and have a cool drink!


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Diligent Candy said... are so funny...

:) I am glad I rediscovered your blog...