Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Early Bird

I once saw someone wearing a t-shirt that emphatically stated:
I don't do mornings.
"How true," I thought, "I should be wearing that!"
Well anyways, once in a while I get into that "why waste time sleeping" phase and that's when I actually haul myself out of bed for some fresh(?), early morning air. And where is it that I go? To the park down the road from my house of's the shortest way to walk, and no cows are allowed inside (well, the gate is one of those twisty-turny things that keeps out big animals, 'coz nothing can actually disallow a cow from going where it wants!).
So I was saying, I like going there because it's clean, green, and free of manure. You can walk and step where you want, tread off the beaten track, not care about the road and ---"ooh, was that a worm i just squished?"
So who/what do I meet when I go on these occasional walks?
There's the gentleman who walks because it's obviously been doctor-recommended. However, it's clear he'd rather be elsewhere...he strolls along, chatting on his cellphone with i don't know who.
Then there's the guy who I think gets rocked out of his bed each morning. He always has this tuft of hair sticking out at exactly a 90 degree angle. (More like 87, really, if you want me to be specific!) And I think as a gesture of defiance to the powers that rock the bed, he ambles! Honestly, he just refuses to step up and get going. It's like one, big, long warm-up that lasts all of 2 rounds. After which he sits and watches the kids play cricket. On top of that, he has some scowl on his face! Seriously, if I learnt to scowl like that, no eve-teaser would ever dream of giving me a second glance!
Then of course there's the sweet, old auntyji who has one leg a few inches shorter than the other. She wears special shoes, and walks on, head high. She's totally the social network lady of the park, she knows EVERYONE! It's quite impressive! And she'll walk with anyone who can give her the most interesting they walking clockwise around the park or anti-clock!
But my favourite, is BRUNO...the year-old Labrador puppy dog who jumps his leash each time he sees me! He really greets me like a long-lost friend, and it's such a pleasure that I don't mind the threads that go missing in my track pants, near the's a willing concession made for the friendliest dog in my neighbourhood!
I hate dragging myself out of bed, I really do. I suffer separation anxiety when I take my head off my pillow and know it won't go back there for at least 16-18 hours, but maybe, if the people (and dogs) around can be that interesting, and such a study in variety, I will do mornings after all!

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Amrita said...

We wants to play with the doggie too :-( awaken from yor hibernation and send me an e-mail!